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Get access to our helpdesk to sort you out on any security system’s technical issues, download support Softwares for your CCTV system, inquire for our services and learn more about the company through our profile and online brochures.

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Imax Technology knows that customer satisfaction is our top priority and we continuously strive to build on our successes.Our products are fool proof and professionally tested over the years. We guarantee quality for a long period of time. ‘Absolute Security Guaranteed.’

In addition, our support team of specialized professionals performs monthly training sessions and seminars to clients and technicians on the new development of our products and how to use them.

On top of this, they attend “state-of-the-art” expose to view the latest technologies in security & surveillance. You can see how we have harnessed the power of the information super-highway in the constant improvement of our stocked products.

Network Digital Video Recorder

A network video recorder comes as a hardware box with preinstalled video management functionalities. In this sense, an NVR is similar to a DVR.

IP Cameras

Network cameras The broadest portfolio for security and surveillance-IP/Network Camera. Imax Technology offers Dahua-IP Technology products which are the market’s broadest and most consistent range of high-quality network cameras. See cameras in stock.  Dahua...

PTZ Cameras

Dahua PTZ dome network cameras provide pan, tilt and zoom functions, enabling wide area coverage and great details when zooming in.

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Dahua Technology Client Softwares:

Smart PSS International V 1.13.1

Smart PSS International V 1.13.1 R20160114

Gen_PSS_En_IS_V 4.06.12.R130807




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