NVR platform.

An NVR hardware is often proprietary and specifically designed for video management.

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A network video recorder comes as a hardware box with preinstalled video management functionalities. In this sense, an NVR is similar to a DVR. (Some DVRs, often called hybrid DVRs, also include an NVR function; i.e., the ability to also record network-based video.)

An NVR hardware is often proprietary and specifically designed for video management. It is dedicated to its specific tasks of recording, analyzing and playing back network video, and often does not allow for any other applications to reside on them. The operating system can be Windows, UNIX/Linux or proprietary.

An NVR is designed to offer optimal performance for up to a set number of cameras, and is normally less scalable than a PC server-based system. This makes the unit suitable for smaller systems where the number of cameras stays within the limits of an NVR’s designed capacity. An NVR is normally easier to install than a system based on a PC server platform.


Dahua Specialised Network Video Recorder.


  • Smart storage: Using revolutionary technology, the Network DVR uses event and alarm data to differentiate between important and less important video, so that important video sequences can be stored up to 16 times longer than with a conventional DVR.
    (When a hard disk is full in a conventional DVR, the oldest recordings are simply erased to make room for new ones.)
  • Secure storage: tolerates a hard disk failure without losing entire recordings
  • Not PC-based: self-maintaining, stable operation; automatically resumes operation after a power outage
  • Built-in Web server enables simultaneous remote viewing and administration via an Internet Explorer Web browser
  • The NVR also provides smarter, longer and more secure storage of recordings — features which make this product unique among DVRs. As with any Dahua product, the NVR is designed for outstanding ease of installation and operation.

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